Preferred Vendors

Eagle Aviation

Eagle Aviation is a certified Cessna Service Center. They are our preferred maintenance vendor, and in our opinion are one of the best shops around. They work hard to find the root of the problem and generally have a quick turn around. They are located at KCAE. 

For piston maintenance, contact Scott McDonald at (803) 822-5588 or by email

For turbine maintenance, contact John Henderson at (803)-822-5525 or by email 

For Avionics, Aircraft Maintenance Services, Inc.

Located at KCUB, Frank Shumpart and his crew are some of the best in the industry. His avionics crew can design your cockpit to be state of the art with the most current products available. For quotes or details contact Frank or Joseph by email or also by phone at  (803)708-7191. You can click the logo to the right to go straight to their website.

Travel Arrangements

With all of our resources at hand, Kris Scott can handle most of your travel needs. Whether you're looking for someone to book your hotel and transportation, a family vacation, or a weekend getaway, Kris is the travel agent that you need to call (812) 306-3637.